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9:30 a.m.

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What is Reformation2Germany?
Germany was once the land of the Reformation. That was 500 years ago. Today, Germany is a post-christian and thoroughly secular country, one of the darkest places in all of Europe. Beautiful bastions of the Reformation have long become museums that tourists frequent instead of places from which the Gospel can spread. The many beautiful steeples still adorning the German countryside are for the most part nothing but reminders of an all too distant past in the cultural history of Germany.

Do we think we need a new Luther or Calvin? Not necessarily. However, the Reformed church has always believed the dictum ecclesia reformata semper reformanda est, i.e. that the Reformed church is always in need of reformation. Towards that end, we are praying and working to bring the Reformation back to Germany.

For this we depend on the help of brothers and sisters, churches and denominations elsewhere who have a heart for Germany and its history and who see its strategic place in Europe. So we are praying that Reformed churches worldwide would come to our aid that once again the Reformed faith – and through it the glory of God – would shine brightly in the land of the Reformation.

For more information on Reformation to Germany or to contact them directly, please click on the link here.